Our team

Oliver is the founder and director of Good Hope

Oliver Canada
Oliver is Good Hope’s founder and director. She has many years of experience working in home-based healthcare and with the local government. At Good Hope she coordinates local workers and handles the communication with local authorities, teachers and parents. She also counsels parents and our Good Hope students and mentors the students in the Sponsorship Program.

Mama Muschka is Good Hope's cook

Marietha Siriwa
Marietha, also known as Mama Muschka, is Good Hope’s cook and in charge of the Breakfast Club. She is in daily interaction with all of our students and always offers an open ear for our kids. She is also Good Hope’s long-standing advisor.

Irene is Good Hope's secretary

Irene Fredy
Irene is Good Hope’s secretary. She handles Good Hope’s email communication and sends reports to our donors and sponsors. She also administers Good Hope’s book-keeping and student’s records. Currently she is also attending a one year secretary training course.

Yvone is the teacher in our team

Yvonne Fredy
Yvonne is Good Hope’s main and only full-time teacher, and holds a certificate in Primary School education. She maintains order in our youth center and teaches English and Swahili. She also supports our international volunteers in their teaching efforts.

Hadson Minja
Hadison (aka Don Minja) is our second local teacher and Yvonne’s right hand. With his contagious passion for Mathematics he inspires our student’s and staff everyday.

Janine is Good Hope's co-founder

Janine Häbel
Janine is Good Hope’s co-founder. As a trained anthropologist she supports the communication between local and international employees and counsels on intercultural awareness. She also overviews technical solutions for our organization.


Our Structure

In 2016 Good Hope formalized our governance structure to ensure transparency, provide appropriate oversight, and derive benefit from the guidance and advice of our international supporters.

​Good Hope is governed by a Board of Directors made up of local Tanzanians who share an interest in our community organization. There is an international advisory board that is available as a resource to both the local Good Hope leadership and the board of directors:

Board of Directors
Goodbless Temba, teacher at Mji Mpya Secondary School, Chair of the Board
Oliver Canada, Good Hope Director
Hamadi Abdulaiya, head teacher at St. Theresia Secondary School
Kissa Massawe, Good Hope attorney
Ester Masilamba, chairperson of local government
Restituta Kissoly, teacher at Langoni Primary School
Mbarako Mcharo, governmental social worker
David Massawe, member of local government

German Advisory Board
(via the registered NGO Aktion Vorwärts e.V.)

Janine Häbel
Katharina Mergenthaler
Tanja Löcker
Susanne Lehnhart
Stefanie Frischknecht
Stefanie Heinzelmann
Carlotta Fabian