Binti Pads - resusable sanitary pads
Binti Pads - resusable sanitary pads
Binti Pads - resusable sanitary pads
Binti Pads
Made by girls for girls: Binti Pads

Durable, reusable pads to keep school girls in school, provide teenage mothers with employment, and fight stigma!

Fuel for Minds
Fuel for Minds

Students at Good Hope receive a nourishing breakfast every school day.

Loving Atmosphere
Loving learning atmosphere for students from marginalized backgrounds

In small and trustful classes.

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Free schooling for youth

Sponsorship Program

Empowering school girls

Working at Good Hope

Providing a second chance to teenage mothers: Our Mabinti Project

Good Hope has always positioned itself as a center that provides teenagers with a second chance to education. While our main program supports students who finished primary school and had no access to secondary school for a variety of reasons, our Team saw another issue arising in our community.
| Mar 8, 2021

Good Hope’s Crisis Response Project: Report

Dearest friends and supporters, Six months ago we asked for your urgent support. A flood had hit our community in eastern Moshi, and the COVID crisis began to affect our beautiful country as well. Thanks to your generous support our team was able to provide the five families of Good Hope children with temporary shelter, mattresses and other supplies.
| Oct 6, 2020

The new Good Hope brochure: Spread the word!

HOORAY! Good Hope finally has a new brochure that will give our friends, supporters, and partners a brief overview of our mission and programs. We also happily send a printed version to you!
| Aug 1, 2020

Good Hope’s crisis response in Moshi to fight Corona and provide shelter

This week everyone at Good Hope is deeply concerned as our community’s burden becomes unbaerably heavy. After many months of unusual and heavy rainfalls, parts of our community have been completely flooded and many houses have broken down on April 21st. This concerns the area downhill from Good Hope.
| Apr 23, 2020
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